Digital World is Our Game

Directions is a special advertising and marketing entity, unlike other agencies our work is driven by a pure marketing passion enriched with professional background in digital advertising. And from the goal to be a powerful success gate to our partners, believe that every project carries a personality and every campaign has a unique spirit.

We believe in providing a creative based on academic knowledge with a budget friendly advertising plan so we will be doing our best to get you 100% value back on each bound you’re paying with no bad surprises in time or in money along your contract period.

Customers Served
Online Campaigns
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Target Achieved

Our Birth

Directions was founded in 2017. Our aim was and still to cooperate with other companies to achieve huge results and be part of their success stories.



One Year Later

We expended our team to cooperated with more brilliant minds who has a passion towards the digital world. They love their work, there main goal is to create more success stories and more successful cooperations with other businesses.

Primary Skills

Problem-Solving to help our partners solve their problems and achieve their goals, Communication skills to master all the communications needed to master the market, Adaptability to adapt quickly and smartly with all the market challenges turning this challenges to a powerful tools, Creativity to provide creative solutions (Out of The Box Ones), Time Management skills to act quickly & smartly and much more skills that we are always working harder to develop and improve in order to serve your business more effectively.


Something Specially New

More expansion in terms of provided services including training services and geographic served areas.


Three years later

Still working on developing new ways and tools to support our partners helping them achieve their business goals and increase their ROI.

Your Success is Our Success…

Our Team

Mahmoud Abou El Fadl

Founder & Media Consultant Manager

Alaa Mohamed

Senior Content Creator

Sameha Zanaty

Social Media Specialist

Ahmed Youssef

Media Consultant

Rasha Osama

Founder & Head of Digital Media Team

Mahmoud Osama

Digital Marketing team Senior

Ahmed Sharaf

Account Manager

Marina Boules

Graphic Designer

Mohamed Wahba

Founder & Media Consultant Manager

Mona Bayoumy

Advertising Specialist

Ashmawi Sami

Full-stack Developer


To have a positive impact on our clients’ business by helping them maximize their profit and increase their ROI.


To be a powerful success gate to our partners and one of the significant advertising agencies in the MENA Region.


Budget – Not to exceed the set budget for the agreed contract, Timing – Ensuring to complete the project well ahead of time, Unique Creative Work– Customized content, designs and ads that are unique for your business

Why Us?

First of all we understand and listen carefully, and we always make sure that we do get the picture in your mind side by side with deep learning about your business, your objectives, what results you need \ and how it will make the best of your needs. And here’s some more reasons in case you’re still hesitated about us:

  • Creativity always come first.
  • There is always a plan that meets your budget.
  • Every detail matters for us.
  • Our team from the most creative experiences qualifications.
  • Value for your money.
  • Your business is never too big or too small for us to work on.

And finally No lost working days, no running around, and no waste of money

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